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AB or T.Y. Dynasty


Championship winner, win now team with 3 WR roster. Starting lineup is Evans, Allen. With the recent news I was offered AB for T.Y. Am I over thinking this?


T.Y The Jury is still out with what’s going to happen with AB


I would certainly take AB in this scenario. I am a big fan of Hilton, he is always underrated. But Brown is a historically elite performer who is only one year older than Hilton. I have a hard time making an argument for Hilton unless Brown lands in a horrible situation.


I wouldn’t take it. Not 100 percent sure where AB ends up and is older than TY. TY is guaranteed to have a future HOF at qb next year and is the clear no 1. Colts will only get better because of all there cap space which will benefit TY. Stay at the Hilton Hotel, you won’t be disappointed


Brown is literally 1 year older than Hilton, does that actually make a difference to you? Especially when we are talking about a guy who has been a top 5 receiver for like half a decade straight. He can regress and still be a rock solid wr1.


It does make a difference for me. Not a huge one, mind you, but a difference. Both options are good don’t get me wrong, but I’d lean TY over Brown. I also trust Luck more than Big Ben or whatever qb Brown ends up with


That’s fair. To each their own. It’s just interesting to me. Brown was drafted as a top 3 dynasty receiver in most places this year, and then went out and finished as the WR3 with 15 touchdowns and 170 targets in only 15 games. I get the trade scare. But the dude is a generational talent that wins with routes not athleticism mind you. Seems like an Antonio Brown buy low chance I thought you would never get.


That’s a solid argument. I just look at what’s guaranteed. What I know for sure. I know for sure TY Hilton has a long career remaining with a future HOF qb. I don’t know for sure where AB lands or who his qb will be for the next, say, 5 years. I don’t know for sure if he will be labeled a cancer and teams will avoid him the second his generational talent disappears, like what happened to Terrell Owens. There’s just so many unknowns it makes me hesitant.


Yeah, that’s a good point. Hilton is probably safer at this point. I just have a philosophy of what’s the point if you aren’t trying to swing for the fences in fantasy, not first you’re last sort of thing. Plus given recent dynasty draft adp, Brown is still going well ahead of Hilton. If I didn’t believe in Brown, I would do this trade, and flip him to the idiot like me that will overpay.


This may just come down to personality. I’m not a huge fence swinger. I’d rather win by hitting a bunch of doubles and singles than having to rely on a player or two to hit a home run every single week.


In most aspects of life I agree. And having a well rounded roster in fantasy is very important. But the truth is that if you look at the teams winning leagues, they all have the top studs from that year. You never win the whole thing without the elite studs. Unless you have really deep starting lineups or large leagues.


You 100 percent need elite studs I won’t deny that. But it’s all about having the right elite stud and not having him let you down hard in the playoffs. See Saquon, Keenan Allen, Todd Gurley. AB if you were in a wk 17 championship game (LIKE I WAS!)


That’s for sure. But you don’t really have much control over that. You get the studs to get you there. After then it’s just luck and fortune. I would never fault somebody because they chose to keep Gurley or Saquon over McCaffrey or Kamara. That’s just bad luck.


Yup that’s where luck factors in.


You guys have given me a lot to think about. Great debate, thanks for the input!