Ab roll the dice or think twice 🤔

My Goons! I’ve been hearing some rumblings about the possibility of the Ravens and a few other teams picking up AB. Was wondering is it even worth it to grab him cheap in a few leagues where guys are acting like they got a whole tube of icy hot rammed up their ass. One guy said he would take AP for him. Just wondering will it pay off if I roll the dice.

I just wanna know where you see/hear these rumors? It’s a big dice to roll. If it hits then you have yourself a starter. If it misses you lost AP so it’s really not that big of a loss either… all depending on your rb situation of course

I wouldn’t. Even if he does get picked up he’s going on the commissioner’s exempt list

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I wouldn’t do it because I bet he will be on exempt list for awhile

Yeah it doesnt look good for him even if he does get picked up and thats big IF.