AB Trade Talk: A Steelers Fan’s Dream Transactions

Hi folks! I’m a Burgh born Steelers fan. My entire family is about the Steelers. The AB drama has cut us all deep, but I know one thing to be true… we all miss the Steel Curtain. Our defense used to be legendary. As the organization attempts to trade arguably Football’s best WR, I’ve assembled a list of dream transactions with the revival of the Steel Curtain in mind. I believe the organization is trying to revive the Steel Curtain with the recent statements coming out which say, “we didn’t do a good enough job replacing Shazier.” Obviously they’d want to trade AB to an NFC team, as stated, so without further delay, my dreams:

I’m looking at teams that may want offensive help. Panthers, Packers, Colts, Lions, Bills and maybe Cowboys.

From the Panthers I’d love to receive Luke Kuechly, but I’d bet a considerable sum against that happening.
Packers have a Jaire Alexander I’d take with a 3rd round pick, I doubt that too.
Colts could be looking to make a run, and if they want AB I’d ask for Darrius Leonard.
Lions got rid of Tate, maybe they regret that but I doubt it, but if they do, Slay would look great in Black and Gold.
Bills definitely need WRs and I’ll be honest, I’d love to see Brothers on defense together so Tremaine Edmunds (plus a pick) at LB with his Brother at safety would be fun.
Lastly Cowboys who probably don’t have the cap to do it, but might be crazy enough to go get another big name offensive piece for Dak. If they are crazy enough, hopefully they’re crazy enough to give up Vander Esch.

I’d love to hear folks opinion’s and other ideas of landing spots! It’s some of my family members opinion that AB has ruined his value so much so that we won’t receive reasonable value for him and they fear a repeat Bell situation where we can’t move AB and he refuses to play.

Strange that you didn’t mention the niners. Best case scenario is you guys get a second round pick for AB. He’s tanked his trade value with his constant social media posting and antics, and apparently only 3 teams have reached out to the Steelers about AB.

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The 49ers don’t have any existing defensive players that would shore up our defense and allow for another potential run. Picks are gambles, some do great some bust. Artie Burns was a 2016 first round pick, did great one year, completely crapped the bed this past season. The organization had stated that they will not make a trade unless it undoubtedly benefits the Steelers. They’ve also said the relationship is not beyond mending. The Steelers ability to draft WRs and train them up is pretty well known so I’m not worried about our offensive capabilities. I’m envisioning them trying to get those final SB runs in while they still have the Veteran QB. 49ers might want AB but I don’t think a second round pick is enough and I don’t see them offering more.

You have to consider the niners for 3 reasons. 1: They’re in the NFC. 2: They have the cap space to absorb AB’s contract and a clear cut need at WR. 3: AB has clearly expressed interest in SF giving SF leverage in trade talks. Also the niners would be willing to part with a defensive piece, i.e. Arik Armstead instead of paying him. Honestly, there’s no scenario where the Steelers recoup value equal to AB. You’re just gonna have to be happy with what you get for him. And nobody will give you a first rounder for him, best bet is a second round pick.

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Interesting news. Peter King came out and listed 5 likely spots for AB. Carolina, Washington, Tampa Bay, Jets, and Oakland.

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I agree mostly with what you’ve said but I lean upon the Steelers statements where they’ve said they won’t trade him unless it truly benefits the organization and that their relationship with AB isn’t beyond mending. I know you won’t get a 1st round pick for AB but a 2019 2nd and a 2020 5th or something of that style is more slog the lines of what I’m thinking. They said they thoroughly explained to AB and his representative that a trade would only occur if it benefits both parties. Therefore I don’t think this is a “be happy with what you get for him” scenario because he won’t be traded for low value just for the sake of moving him.

The anticipation is killing me and this will be a long headspinning offseason.

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