AB with Covid, who to replace between Robby/Meyers/Patrick

14 team league, 0.5ppr.

Doesn’t seem likely that AB can make the two negatives in time but who knows. Who ya guys think for a replacement? Could play Robby but he’s Thurs night so AB could be back. Sunday options would be Meyers or Patrick.

I would play Patrick. Agree with holding off on Robby. They’ll probably be up early in this and give a steady dose of CMC. I think Meyers’ ceiling will be lower with Jones at QB.

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Thanks yeah feel better with holding out on potential for AB return but then if not, Patrick sneaky consistent in finding the end zone so who knows

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Actually what about Cephus over Patrick as a potential play? Tyrell Williams doubtful, didn’t realize he’s gotten 7 targets each game and has scored twice, they’ll need to throw against Baltimore to keep up.