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Abdulla for A-Rob?


I got offered Allen Robinson for Abdulla straight up… ARob wasn’t on my radar at all but I mean I got Abdulla in the 7th or 8th round… so as far as draft capital it’s a steal… but on the other hand the guy is a rival and is hurting for RB… if I don’t trade him he could be in trouble… do any of you guys think ARob has a chance at even a slight comeback or is the Jags passing game just a no go…


He finished last season as WR25 in PPR (26 in .5 PPR) last season, in what was basically a perfect storm of awfulness. I think that (so, basically a high end WR3) is his floor, and his ceiling is much higher (though maybe not 2015 high anymore). Prevailing sentiment has swung WAY too far into overcorrection mode, to the point that all of the downside is priced in and none of the upside is at all. He’s going to get a ton of targets. I’m targeting him as my WR3 in all leagues. That said, this trade depends on how you view Abdullah. Some think he has top 10 (or close to it) talent. I personally don’t see that, and have a hard time trusting it, so I’d consider this very seriously. If you do see him as near that level, or even as a potential RB2, then a WR3 finish from ARob would be rather disappointing for you. The decision for me would likely come down to roster construction (how do my RBs look relative to my WRs).


I think Abdulla has the talent and ability but his size (durability) and situation are definite knocks against him… I know the trade makes sense and carries value for me… but at the same time it’s a player I called to have a comeback vs a player I’ve been down on all preseason… Idk I may still consider it… I just the thought of helping out that other guy… especially since he robbed ARob and Allen from a first time player for Garcon, and Ryan Matthews… he’s a real pos


If you take value from him, you aren’t helping him.


Well ARob is clearly his 5th best WR and his RBs are Freeman, Lynch, and James white… I’m kind of.in the opposite boat where Abdulla is my 6th best RB but my WRs are mediocre at best… so it is a mutually beneficial.trade in that sense… most people are pretty salty with him trade raping the first time player a day after our draft so a lot of us are content letting him suffer with no RB depth to speak of… I just wanted to see what people thought of ARob… now at least I w ont feel so bad about doing it. Thanks for the responses


No problem. Yea, ARob is getting WAY too much hate because he got way too much love last year. It helps you, so I’d do it. Abdullah may nothing, like he has been to this point in his career.