Abdullah, Buck, or Kamara for RB2?

It’s a PPR…

Buck to run and catch all over Cleveland.

I’m leaning Buck as well. We don’t know what the NO backfield will do. Kamara’s snap count was promising, but we do know what Buck’s usage will be as we have more than just this year to go off of.

Can you give me your thoughts against Abdullah?

Detroit was pass heavy against AZ last week. Abdullah was on the field for half of the plays at 36 and only touched the ball half of those with 15 runs and 3 receptions. It doesn’t make me confident about their game script this week against a pretty good Giants D. Then again, it’s only week 2, so I’m working with limited data or projecting based on last year’s performances.

That said. Abdullah’s snap count was better than Kamara’s. I only mentioned Kamara because there seems to be a lot of hype based on his potential and projections. My confidence ranking of the three would be Buck, Abdullah, Kamara. Buck got as many or more touches than Abdullah on an equal or lower snap count.

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with NO vs NE having such a huge over and under and the snap counts that Kamara got…i say Kamara. Detroit hasn’t been able to do much on the ground for a while now. While I think Buck will do well, I expect B’more to control this game and abandon the passing game like they did last week. Plus since we all listen to this podcast, they always say that NO threw to their RB’s more than any other team last year