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Abdullah or Martavis in non ppr


Would you rather have Abdullah or Martavis Bryant in non ppr?


I literally have been burned twice by Abdullah now, so I kind of hate him. Though, if he’s got the clean bill of health and he looks good in practice and preseason, maybe go with him since the passing attack is pretty good and the O-line isn’t horrible in Detroit.

With that being said, because I hate Abdullah and love Marijuana. I would take Martavis. He’s probably going to beast the fuck out in a potentially top 5 offense with everyone healthy. I lean Martavis in the end. It really depends on what you drafted up top. If you are stacked at RB, take Martavis. If you slacked on drafting an RB tho, you may want to hope for the best with Abdullah.



I think Martavis is the one of the best receivers in his tier, and I think there are better options at RB than Abdullah in his are (Montgomery, Gore, Ware, Perine).


Are we talking redraft or keeper? If it’s keeper, I vote Abdullah. Redraft, I’ll take Martavis.


Keeper league but this pick would not be a keeper


Man. That’s kinda tough for me. I do believe in ameer this year. I dont believe in bryant. But i see that potential boom in bryant. But then it’s not ppr… yeah it’s got to be bryant. Bryant is a td machine. With 76 receptions he has 14 tds. So 18% of his catches go for tds. And im standard yes are the holy grail. If he playa a full season and gets 70 receptions, that’s potential for 1000 yards and 10 tds. I’m shaving off some yards and tds because i dont think he holds that pace. A mess would have to be a 250+ rusher to get to those kind of points.


I usually side with the RB in these cases because of position scarcity. That being said, Bryant has some serious upside. I agree with the general consensus, go with Bryant.


Bump draft is soon