Abdullah or Sanu? (1/2 pt)

I just don’t have faith in Abdullah. He lost all my trust after getting benched that 2 fumble game, and I know he scored another TD last week but that doesn’t reestablish anything in my book. Seattle is scary, but with every day bringing a new “_____ out for season” defense report, and thus Wilson presumably going to have to gun the ball anywhere he can, I’m feeling like this could turn into a high-scoring shootout. Limited touches or not, Sanu should get his.

I’m not crazy, right?

I think both options have high potential this week. There are supposed to be 15 mph winds in Chicago, which should limit the big passes from Stafford and give Abdullah more opportunity. Also, Seattle has some major injuries in their secondary, so Sanu should totally get his. I don’t think you can go wrong here.