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Able to Trust Fournette anymore?


What do you guys think? Is Fournette worth trusting? I probably won’t be playing him this week since I have Gurley, Conner, and Chubb already in play. Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are going forward.


It’s tough. I suspect most people that have him are starting him.

I think he’s a good start this week. I’d expect Jax to feature him and give him all the goal line work.


As long as he is not on a limited snap count I would say hes an every week starter if he has a solid performance this week.


Well I agree but that kind of misses the point of the question. Do you trust him right now? Not a week from right now… : )


I would trust him as a flex!


Only if you had no other better options honestly…otherwise I wouldn’t


Would you flex him over Chubb? I currently have Chubb in my flex. I think Chubb has a good matchup this week but just curious.


I’m firing him up as an RB1 and don’t see any reason not to. He has been off now for 6 weeks. He is ready. Barkley had a hamstring injury in pre-season too, and no one even remembers that, because he was properly rested and is fine.


I would start chubb over fournette, but if you need the high upside this week i would go with fournette