About to be 8-1: Team Analysis

Just curious what your thoughts are regarding my team: Should I stand pat or try to hit the trade market to solidify a deep playoff run? .5 ppr

QB: Wentz/ Rothlisberger
RB: Gordon, Mixon, Michel, Ingram, Royce Freeman, Jalen Richard
WR: Beckham Jr, Boyd, DJ Moore/ Valdez-Scantling
TE: Burton, Doyle
DST: Bears
K: Crosby

That roster looks good to me. I guess it just depends on the matchups that those players will have during the playoffs. If you have absolutely terrible matchups then I’d make a trade, if not, I’d ride it out. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Not sure the number of teams in your league, but I think Freeman is a waste to hold


Agreed, Freeman isn’t going to do anything.

It’s probably more valuable to grab a Ware, Malcom Brown type handcuff rather than Freeman who will never win you a game

Good point. Ware and Malcom Brown are both gone already. Who’s the next handcuff?

Probably Gio, Rod Smith (though he hasnt looked great when playing) and CJ Anderson…

thinking off the top my head.

What about DJ Moore? Is he not a roster clogger as well as Freeman?

Yeah- I’ll be dropping him. Still a run-first offense in Carolina and he’s still behind Funchess, Olsen, McCaffery (and sometimes Curtis Samuel apparently) in the pecking order.

Could move an RB that you will never start like Royce or Jalen for an upgrade at TE…like Kittle or something.

Really good team. Would try to trade an RB other than Gordon or Mixon plus something else or straight up maybe. Or even 2 rb ‘s. And get another WR. Maybe like Sony for Diggs? Something like that.

Appreciate the insight! I really like having the trio of Gordon, Mixon and Michel each week.

What about something like:
Give Ingram, Boyd, and MVS
Get… devante Adams? Hopkins? Juju?

Not sure what my 3 would retrieve- or do I stand pat and keep the depth?