About to go full tilt - Gonna be 0-2, can I bench DJ

At this point can I bench DJ until they make a QB change? I’m about to be 0-2, mostly due to DJ sucking so i need to know how i can fix it. I have like the 3rd most points in the league which shoudl be a positive, but when you’re 0-2 i can only afford 3 more losses if i want to make playoffs (7-6 teams never make it in this league).

Similar boat as a DJ owner. After investing such a high pick on him, and knowing what he’s capable of, it would be very hard to bench him, but I understand the frustration.

I guess it ultimately depends on your team and what other options you have, but if you are 3rd in points, to me it sounds like you have a good team that is just catching bad breaks with your first 2 matchups.

Yeah, Saints D and Vikings kicker. Saints D was cut, vikings kicker is next.