About to have a Lev Bell panick attack

Hey guys… so I picked up lev bell first round. Got a little gutsy and drafted some fliers for my bench thinking James Conner wouldn’t get picked up early… and well I was wrong… what do y’all think I should do with this line up? I’m in a 1/2 PPR:

QB - Stafford
RB - Lev Bell
RB - Joe Mixon
WR - Keenan Allen
WR - D Thomas
TE - D Walker
Flex - Josh Gordon

On my bench is tevin Coleman, Fuller, BILALL POW! (Bilal Powell), Allen Hurns, Kerryon…

Would love any advice on what I should do with Bell…

Oh! What y’all think about Josh Gordon in the flex?

First, don’t overreact. As far as we know Bell will be in there week 2. However, your RBs are pretty weak - is this a 14 man league? Gordon in the flex is great. If it comes down to Bell not starting this week I’d put Coleman in and hope that he gets a TD. 6 or 7 bench? More info would be better.

Yeah my RBs are really worrying me. But if bell plays the RB situation wouldn’t seem so bad. I hit the turn, grabbed Mixon, but then everyone went RBs right after which is why my WR core is decent. It’s a 12 man league. 4 bench spots… been complaining about the bench spots but the commissioner hasnt changed it yet.