Absolutely gotta win this week

Brate vs. Miami or Clay vs. Chargers? Brate was such a solid play, now 2 catches in 2 weeks. Not sure what Clay will get out of Peterman. No idea which to play here

That’s a tough call-I would lean Brate BUT ya never know as Peterman may lean on Clay-I have Shady in a few leagues and I’m a little worried with him-Gordon and shady cost me last week and got beat by a 4 and 5 team-

I hear ya. I sold high on Gordon and traded him for Freeman and Kelvin Benjamin after week 4, thinking I made out like a bandit. Freeman promptly commenced to suck and then KB got traded. This fantasy season can go straight to hell.

I honestly haven’t seen a crazier fantasy season in a long time! AB goes off on Tennessee but couldn’t do anything against the Colts-unbelievable!!!