Absolutely ridiculous lineup- WHAT TO DO!?

Also have E. Sanders but he rides the pine on this team.

10 team full point PPR. No bonuses.

I think your lineup is good the way it is set now. The only other possible consideration for me would be to maybe Move either Gurley or Fournette up to Howard’s spot and throw in Woods as your other Flex.

But either way you go I’d say you are in good shape.

I had Woods in my flex and Howard on the bench but it’s very hard to bench Howard this week. Thanks for your advice!

I’d also leave it this way. Howard is either breaking out this week or busting for the season I reckon. Worth rolling the dice with a nice load of players to fall back on. What is your record like?

Locked in at 8-2

I do know the weather in Cleveland is suppose to be horrible so may be ALOT of running and id keep an eye on Fournette’s ankle-

I’d happily put woods over Fournette if his ankle is actually giving him problems. Just unclear whether it’s rest or actual injury atm.

Keep an eye on the injury report-looks like he aggravated it again and if it’s sloppy and nasty he could be in for a long day-Clevelands run defense is not terrible