Absolutely Torn on Trade Proposal

I’ve got an interesting trade offer on the table in my new start up dynasty team.

The Trade would be:


  • Calvin Ridley
    WR ATL

  • Jerick McKinnon
    RB SF

  • 2019 3rd round pick

Trade Away:

  • Marvin Jones
    WR DET

  • Tevin Coleman
    RB ATL


I would say yes. Mckinnon has high upside. Jones is not a sure thing either and Coleman will be good but is splitting carries.

Even with the possibility of Coleman signing somewhere next year and becoming a starter somewhere? That’s why I’m torn and with Mckinnon’s injury it’s a tough call.

I’d do it. Ridley has more long-term upside, McKinnon is worth more than Coleman right now and you get a 3rd round pick

It’s a no from me, but just for detail whats the rest of your roster? The 2019 3rd round is a non factor, given how rookie drafts go outside of the first 2 rounds. Ridley while exciting will be second to Jones for few years yet and McKinnon is a bust waiting to happen looks like this guy is trying to bail out while he can.

Coleman he is a must dynasty hold this year, his value is all over the place as he almost sure to leave ATL this year. What if he signs for SF or GB or any other good teams and becomes the workhorse because he has the skill to do that you’d have an RB1 in his own right. Marvin Jones, while crazy efficient is still the best deep target on that team and a solid WR2/Flex guy with week winning upside if he catches the long TD bomb. Much prefer your guys

The note on the third round pick is a good point

Marvin Jones is a prime regression candidate at 18YPR. His career average is more like 13. He’s not going to suck but don’t expect WR11 again

Good point, I completely see and understand your point.

True, But I’m pairing him with OBJ and Cooper as my 3 WRs with depth on my bench so I’m not banking on him repeating that.

Yeah all of your guys are super boom/bust but you’ll need a new WR3 for this year with this trade based on what you just said. I don’t expect Ridley to contribute a ton right away

I agree, in a vacuum it is hard to call exactly without seeing the whole roster. The biggest issue for me is McKinnon, he is way too expensive and also completely unproven and has never demonstrated the ability to be an effective runner or a workhorse back. Coleman is the moving piece that both sides want here based on the fact that if Freeman goes down again he’s an RB1, theres no way they will re-sign him so in FA he’s gone and if he goes somewhere good or even just becomes the three down back full time his value will go up enormously or he is a starter in his own right at worst an RB2 with upside

I’d have Parker, Funchess, Amendola, and T. Williams on the bench to fill that spot based on match ups

Is it any kind of PPR/half PPR? Even if not i don’t mind the set, you have OBJ stud WR1, Cooper receptions and redzone guy and Jones the wild card that could do very little in a week but also could just catch 2 balls for 70+ yards and a score and win you a week.

Who are the other RBs?

It’s a good deal that favors you heavily. Take it IMHO. Jones has value, Coleman is highly over-rated for what he is and actually can predictably do. McKinnon and Ridley could have value this year and most certainly will next year. And you get a Free 3rd round pick??? This guy may as well give you his wallet too, cause your are robbing him blind and he’s begging you to do it!

Take it and run before he comes to his senses and withdraws it

PS- Even in a Rookie draft, a Free 3rd round pick can turn into Arian Foster if you do a little research and watch some film.

My RBs are Mixon, Henry, Coleman, Foreman, Barber, Yeldon, and J. Jackson. So I view my RB situation as fairly weak and can’t get over the potential of Coleman becoming a stud somewhere else next year.

yeah that’s not wonderful. I’d hold Coleman, we saw that he can be the three down guy in ATL last year when Freeman was out and he’s a solid flex this year. Next year is a risk for sure depending on what happens with him but i don’t view it as any more or less or a risk than relying on McKinnon to be some stud RB1 for the next 3 years or more…

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Another part that is kind of holding me back is McKinnon’s injury right now. Never can trust calf injuries. Do you think that should impact my decision at all

It doesn’t sound that major but soft tissue can be a concern. Also this is one of the general concerns around McKinnon was that he does have an injury history and durability issues which will limit his ability to be a workhorse back. He has a great SPARQ score and not a huge amount else. He also couldn’t beat out Asiata and Murray once he was healthy in the end in MIN which says a lot as well.

McKinnon doesn’t have to be a stud to be more valuable than Coleman.
What we Do know about McKinnon: On a very very receiving back friendly Offense that can take a Similar back like Devontae Freeman and make them exceptional. He has showed like Coleman he’s an exceptional Back Up if in the right situation. He is the 49’er’s top back for the near future. He’s the superior Pass catcher. McKinnon has the potential to be an effective Back THIS year and beyond

Coleman: Better between the tackles. Capable Receiver. Had the chance to beat out Freeman to be Shannahan’s #1 back and didn’t. His ability to play in Denver and possibly other areas could be limited by his Condition (Sickle Cell). His condition May be the very reason why teams won’t commit to him long term. His condition could limit his career. As of now, he is still Freeman’s back up.
For Coleman to pay off you need him to sign in the right place at the right time or for Freeman to get seriously injured. Coleman is younger by aprox one year.

I rather have McKinnon. Even though he’s one year older. He has the best chance to impact your team barring a miracle. Also- notice how McKinnon took off once he finally had the Right Coach- Shurmur. Shannahan is every bit as friendly to McKinnon as Shurmur if not more> Ignore what mcKinnon did behind Pederson and Asiata. Viking’s coaching was inept at the time…
Also, McKinnon got paid, Coleman did not. Follow the $$$$

Just my 2 cents. Good luck to ya

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Seems like you are getting a much better end on that deal.

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