Accept green trade!?

I know he’s injured. He asked for amari cooper
I could really use a better wide receiver should I accept this and take this risk? I know he’ll be out games but I wasn’t planning on using amari that much

This will help. My ther recievers are thielen, fun chess, Watkins, Tate, and cooper .5 ppr

If you are in playoff contention than I would accept it all day. I am a bit of a risk taker myself though!

I am I’m
6-2 right now unfortunately about to go 6-3 but my team is strong. I have brees and goff for qb
Melvin, fournette,miller, Alex Collins for backs
And ertz for TE
I’m thinking it’s worth it ,

Cooper has burned me so many times that I’m
Afraid trading him without seeing him play for Dallas means he’ll be amazing lol

You’re gambling on his fitness but I’d do it for sure.

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I’m I just remember jamaal Charles and his turf toe. We all know how that went lol

If possible, Wait for further news if you’re nervous. Full disclosure I’m getting AJ in a trade tomorrow. I don’t like that he’s injured but if he’s fit for week 13 onwards that’s when I need him.

That was exactly what I was looking for. I think I’m just gonna take it now and go from there. Here’s hoping he doesn’t need surgery. Good luck homie

Btw. Who did you trade for green just curious

It’s a huge risk but as it’s Cooper in a new system i don’t think your giving up a locked in WR1 to get Green so it’s fair enough.

I have Green amongst others and it’s worth waiting to hear the results today, there is still a lot of talk of surgery which could be season ending. I’m sure given that they are still in the running’s in their division they’ll do everything to get him back this year, even if he gets a quicker fix and then off season surgery don’t be surprised.

The passing game will fail without Green there to draw coverage, if D’s just need to key on Boyd and Mixon out of the backfield they will struggle

That’s what I was looking into as well. Depending on severity of the injury it could be anywhere from 3 weeks to who knows. But green tends to bounce back. This league unfortunately vetos and complains about everything. It might not even go through

If amari cooper finds a way to burn me again. The cycle would be complete

If you say to the league that you want to trade for an injured Green the why would the veto? I’d find a new league to be honest, i cant stand vetos just let people run their teams…

The only saving grace is that as above while the Bengals are in with a chance to get into the playoffs they will have to have Green to do that so may find a way, even with painkilling injections etc to keep him going until the off season. But Green at the start of the year came out and said he wanted to come out this year and have people talk about him as one of the best in the game again so he’s driven to prove that point too, so maybe he toughs it out as he has before but we should know later today. Hopefully, as it’s the bye week the Bengals could try and keep this quiet for as long as possible but with so many reporters sniffing around it, something will get out

I’ve never been in a league where people complain so much. It’s a $250 yahoo pro league. So you’d expect people to know how to play. But the whole year no one will accept any trades because it’s written about all day in the message board and protested every time.

I just had one vetoed that got me pissed someone offered me micheal Thomas after the Sammy Watkins blowup game with Allen Robinson. I expected that to be vetoed. But if he wants to send me that as an offer. I’m gonna accept it like anyone else would lol

That’s just ridiculous, i feel for you buddy! What’s the point of even trading if everyone just veto’s everything. You have to trade to play it’s the biggest part of it, no one can draft a team pre week 1 and grab guys here and there and do nothing else and expect to win the championship it just doesn’t happen like that - maybe once in a blue moon but it would be more luck at dogging the injuries than skill on who you draft.

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