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Accept this trade?


I was offered Joe Mixon and Rishard Matthews for Ty Montgomery in full ppr, should I take it? my other rbs are McCaffrey, Henry, Rodgers, and Doug Martin.

Thank You!


I wouldn’t do it.


I wouldn’t. Monty is a locked and loaded starting RB and outside of Martin, you don’t have any other starting RB’s. McCaffrey is great but he’s a change-of-pace back and IMO, he’s better than Mixon going forward especially in a PPR.
Henry and Rodgers are just cuffs.


I wouldn’t do it. Right not Montgomery is getting all the work. I would possibly pick up Williams to Cuff Montgomery though.


I would, and let me expand on this as it is a little hot-takie.

I feel like right now Ty and Mixon are opposite sides to a coin. Ty’s role is going to be less as time goes on and Mixon’s role will expand. I am not sure I would take this trade now, but maybe next week.

Ty is getting banged up fast, and I have a feeling he will take some injury. He is already taking himself off the field. Williams may be the man when Ty goes down, but I am really not impressed by him. Mixon has shown time and time again that he is the best options there.

My advise is to delay this until next week and see if Mixon is still seeing more usage.