Accepted Trade - Traded away Jordan Howard

I’ve been trying to trade Jordan Howard for a couple of weeks, I think he has been shut down by defenses because of injuries on the Bears, getting a beaten up throughout the season, schedule tougher than expected, etc.

I receive DeVante Parker + Doug Martin

He receives Jordan Howard

Im am in an absolute must win week, my WR2 was Corey Davis. Im hoping this works out, I feel like its even at the least, I was going to have Howard on my bench most likely for the foreseeable future anyway. I think Doug Martin has some good matchups coming up, and I can bench Parker for Robby Anderson in the bad matchups he has. Here is my optimal lineup now.

Derek Carr
Kareem Hunt
Alvin Kamara
Michael Crabtree
DeVante Parker
Zach Ertz
Eagles D/ST
Will Lutz

Bench: Josh McCown, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, Robby Anderson, Corey Davis, Thomas Rawls, & Chargers D/ST.

How did I do?

Helped my team? How was this deal?