Accidentally acceptingTrade?

This guy just accepted my offer of kamara & ty Hilton for diggs and hunt. We’re on a platform where trade offers get two huge buttons and asks you to confirm the trade. He messages me to tell me it was accidental and his buddy who is the comissoner will most likely side with him. What are you’re thoughts on this?

He accepted, that’s unfortunate for him but he accepted. Deal is a deal and should be no reversal.

Personally I think it was bs, wasn’t like a drunken trade etc, I personally think this person is just trying to go back on what he accepted

Accidents are accidents - if he waited til after a trade processed and/or a day later that’s different.

How long ago was it accepted and how long did it take to realize the mistake

Accepted last night at 12:00 then be messaged me 15 minutes later

Despite having a confirmation button? Something isn’t adding up

Nothing good happens after midnight probably drunk

Well accident is when he hits yes and says right away sorry meant no!! But he waited thought about it and said WAIT NO! So I say it should stand

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I would’ve understood that but he just said “I didn’t mean to accept that” and was fully coherent lmao

I’m 8-0 in this leauge. The commissioner who is friends with the person a trade was agreed upon with just deleted it. So I want to know what people’s opinions are?

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Well now that it’s deleted just gloat that your 8-0 and that you didn’t need them anyway lol

I like Kamara and TY better than Hunt and Diggs anyways.

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Yeah Kamara is the better RB, And Hilton is hitting his stride now, I have both Hunt and kamara and also Diggs But id trade Diggs for TY in a heart beat

Diggs > TY for sure, and by a LONG SHOT but obviously Kamara slightly better than Hunt. I think it’s complete BS you can wait 15 minutes and say “oops, accident.” There should be no vetoes and a clear mistake would be immediately, regardless of platform, saying “I meant to decline can’t we reverse” not wait 15 min.

I’m a commissioner of a league and imo this is up to you. He accepted the deal and if I were him then I’d man up.

it would be different if the trade offer wasn’t pulled down, the games started, a player gets hurt, and then he accepts in an attempt to ship off an injured player. that’s just a S*** move.

he messed up and owns this.

Ha this is obviously BS based on this lag time. Get your trade done if you still want it.

I’m just over it. I don’t even need the trade anymore I just find this leauge to be completely BS cause him and the commissioner can trade back and forth all they want but when this trade was accepted the comissoner was fast to respond to decline it but wouldn’t send it through lmao