Acquire DK Metcalf for Jacobs?

I’m trying to acquire an elite WR. I have Jacobs and Chubb as my RBs 1 & 2, with Gaskin, Ronald Jones, Malcom Brown, Rex Burkehead (and Damien Harris and Tevin Coleman on IR) for depth.

My startable WRs are Keenan Allen and that’s pretty much it. TY Hilton and AJ Green were supposed to be my 2 & 3 and we all know how that is working out.

What do you think? Should I offer Jacobs to acquire DK Metcalf and be willing to trade Chubb for him if necessary? What elite WRs would you be willing to sell me for one of those two stars?

No. I have a strong opinion that a RB1 does NOT equal value of a WR1. RBs are going to give you that consistent point production that is much tougher to get from RB depth/waivers. You can always stream a potential candidate to put up WR1 numbers, at least for a week. Maybe you can put something together with Jones/Green. See if they have a good week this week then sell high trying to get Metcalf. At this point though, I would hold.

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Wow. Yes, this is what I needed to hear. Thank you! I’m 2-1, but so many bad WR weeks have had me tilting going into a tough matchup this week. But you are spot on. That’s how I drafted this season and I already have some remorse from trading away Mostert (acquired in 9th round) for Keenan Allen + Malcolm Brown. I’m in the black, best not to press my luck. I owe you one.

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No problem! Also, with the injuries to Colts receivers (Campbell, Pittman) there may be an increased opportunity here soon for TY. Another reason to maybe give him one more start. I wouldn’t jump ship on him yet.

you’re right again. hopefully this is TY’s bounce back week. time to pick starting WRs from those two or N’Keal Harry and Higgins lol