Acquire Hurts for Tannehill and Davis?

My other RBs are Mixon, Najee, Gainwell, and Murray. I don’t like how thin this leaves me at RB but I do have Devonta Smith and find the Hurts/Smith stack very tempting. Maybe worth it if I can talk him down to Murray or Gainwell?

While Hurts did up his completion percentage from 52% to somewhere in the 70s in Week 1–one of the things he was going to have to do to remain the starter–he’s probably still on thin ice, it just might be longer than 5 weeks until he is benched now.

So I wouldn’t try too hard to get a QB you’ll probly have to replace in a month or two anyway–and I sure wouldn’t be giving up a couple of top 15 guys for him.

I’m all for taking the shot on Hurts, but I’d try to do it without giving up Davis. Think whatever advantage you’re chasing with Hurts’s ceiling is countered by being light at RB.

He looked great on Sunday and I’m not particularly worried about him losing his job unless he gets unlucky with injury.

If you can get it with Murray, that would rock.