Acquire Tate+ for Kerryon+?

Attrition and trades has left me with a flier-heavy WR core…

I’ve been offered the following trade (halfPPR):
Give: K.Johnson + TQ.Smith
Get: G.Tate + A.Ekeler

Current Roster:
Q: Ryan
W: M.Thomas, Lockett, Davis, Gabriel, Godwin, TQ.Smith
R: Gordon, White, Coleman, Kerryon, McGuire, J.Adams (PHI)
T: Njoku

I think i can afford to ship away my RB4 and WR6 for an upgraded WR2 and new RB4 to 'cuff Gordon for the playoff push (and standalone flex value in good matchups).


bumping for help, plz

I would look to get a better offer for Kerryon but not terrible.

Outside of his OBJ, he has: John Brown, Golden Tate, or MVS.

Try and get two wr for your Kerryon. Pair Tate with another one. Check out John browns schedule. Ravens are throwing a ton. Like every year.

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I would do Kerryon and smith for Tate and MVS for

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Gonna give that a try. Brown + Tate as the backup offer.

Completely agree with the idea of getting 2 WRs back. Ekeler will very rarely see a starting spot on your team.

As a gordon owner ina. Couple leagues I made sure to attain ekeler in all of them.

That’s exactly why i want that Ekeler handcuff… currently in fifth place, and looking for insurance in case Gordon’s hammy acts up and/or if neither McGuire or Adams pan out as RB3/Flexes.