Acquired MT for A. Cooper & Fournette

What do you guys think about that?
My other WRs are DJ Moore, Lockett, Green and Sanders.
My other Rbs are well COnner, Snell and Mattison. My plan is to get an elite rb with MT.

I like you’re idea as long as you can get a top 10 RB in return (Jacobs, Taylor, Carson…). I don’t see anyone giving up any higher rated RBs. Then if/when Cook goes down, you look pretty damn good. Good luck!

i could get d.henry for mt but i´m a bit unsure of him because it´s appr league and henry is not that involved in the passing game

Great time to buy low on Henry. He has a couple tough matchups coming up, but he will destroy the Vikings Def this week

well but mt is not quite the buy low thing haha. i just dont know if i will be disappointed when he will have a great game with 100 yards but without the passing game he will just still have 10-15 fpts…

I’d rather have instant production than waiting on MT to get back to full strength (if he even does). Brees has not looked good. This is why I made the buy low comment. Also, I’d rather have a full stable of top RBs and find “plug & play” WRs on the waiver wire when your starters are on bye.

that´s a great point you have. I think i will pull the trigger on that trade. Thanks for your help! really appreciate it!
But do you really think that mt will not find back to his old strength when he will play again? do high ankle sprains really linger that much?

MT is an absolute beast, so I think he ends up still coming back as an elite receiver. They really need to make sure he is ready to comeback for the timeline that they’ve set. Losing to the Raiders has the Saints wanting to win NOW and show that they are still a top tier team, so I believe they are going to bring him back and have him heavily involved. I hope it doesn’t backfire and he either reinjures himself, or is just a shell of the MT we all love to watch play. Obviously anything can happen, and he can come back THE WR1 going forward, but even if he does at least you got a nice RB piece to compliment your team. AND, the Moore and Lockett can definitely carry the load as your 1 & 2 WRs. Your RBs will be set for the season and you would just need to keep an eye on waiver wire for any bright spots at WR (Lazard, MVS, Slayton, etc…). Remember, you will have trade bait in your RBs moving forward too if you’d like to upgrade at WR as well.

well i think that was the best advice anyone has ever gave me. So a big thanks for that! sounds great!