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Acquired Zeke like this... Opinions?


1 man keeper league and I’ve got the 2nd overall. The only two worth keeping on my team would be ty hilton or Landry.

That being said I didnt have any plans to keep anyone seeing as I can get better talent from someone returning to the draft at 2nd overall.

Point to my story… A guy in the 6th position in the draft (ten team league) asked if I would be interested in trading Hilton for a pick. I was willing to give him a steel of with 5.06 pick because I’m eyeing some guys around those spots to take a chance on (remember had no intention on keeping anyone anyway so it is still a win for both of us)

Now our zeke owner comes along and says he will give him up to me for my 5th. Round pick. I guess he is looking for any value from him.

Having two 5th round picks now, I say yes and basically, in my opinion, aquire zeke for… Well, nothing at all.

Opinions I’m this move? This is the first year we have allowed pick-player trades


But if you keep Zeke, don’t you have to give up a pick for him?


Take Zek now… No brainer


The way I understand it is like this

Ill now keep ty h. Because I was offered a 5th for him and ill take it.

Now I have two 5th round picks

Zeke owner is keeping zeke and asked for a fifth round pick for him. Give him a 5th round pick, now I’m left with one fifth round pick again, and zeke.

If I had drafted zeke personally last uear and made him my keepee I would lost that round. (1st) but because it was his keeper, and deadline is done, trading him to me for one of my two fifth round picks is just that.

Ill double check my league rules but I do not believe their status on draft position holds if being traded for picks.


so basically in a weird round about way, you traded hilton straight up for zeke, for no draft penalty? and now he is a keeper you can keep… forever? uhh yes please. its probably one of the oddest trade around stories i have heard, but it honest to god works for everyone. and best part, it works out the best for you after this season. i would say well played, but… well it kind of fell into your lap lol. must feel pretty damn nice.

but wait… just had a thought. so he drafted him for a 1st last year? and he kept him for a first which is how you got him for… well not a first. but this guy is willing to bite that 1st round bullet to get rid of zeke, just for a 5th rounder? something feels off here now.


Well its two year keep max so technically, yes I could have him this season and keep him next.

Someone here brought up a good point up like you did and ill have to look into our league rules but the way I understamd it, right now, he would get his 1st round pick back for trading him to me even thought he selected him as his keeper.


ah ok. his value does go down quite a lot because you will only get him for 2 years. that also explains why he was willing to dump him.

but yeah, if that 1st round pick deduction gets traded to you, i like this even less. all food for thought. good luck though!


Right on. I agree. Good points brought up that I need to look into. Not worth me losing my 2nd overall in the 1st round for him.

Only worth it if that draft penalty is dropped because of trade