Acquiring Derrick Henry

I want to acquire Derrick Henry. The owner just lost Monty. His other RBs are Jamaal Williams, Mike Davis and RoJo (He’s missed out on every waiver wire RB somehow).

Under normal circumstances, offering Gibson and CEH would be rejected instantly, but given his situation does anyone think trading those two for Henry would work? I am also considering Gibson/Henderson.

My Team
QB: T Brady
RB: Zeke, Gibson, D Henderson, CEH, E Mitchell, A Collins
WR: DJ Moore, C Lamb, E Sanders, L Shenault, D Mooney, C Claypool, J Judy(IR)
TE: D Knox
DEF: Patriots

I think you would have to go higher. Henry is averaging 25.75 FPTS per game right now. The other two combined are averaging 24.75 FPTS per game. The other guy is better off just staying with Henry and putting a dart throw in his RB2 spot. You are going to have to make it work his while. Figure out two players averaging about 30 FPTS per game and you might make it work.

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Agreed, you would need to pay a King’s random to acquire King Henry right now. Zeke/Gibby or Zeke/Henderson will probably be the minimum you would have to offer for the Henry owner to even listen, especially since Henry is his only RB (overall RB1 in all scoring formats currently) worth anything.

Overall, imho trying to get Henry will hurt your team more than it will help.

I agree with all of this. You are better off going after a team tilting on a specific player instead of just tilting in general. For instance, try to buy low on Monty since the dude needs RBs.

Thanks guys. I didn’t even bother with the Henry trade. I made an offer to trade CEH and C Lamb for Diggs and. Montgomery. Since CEH is my RB4 he’s not even making my starting roster and I view diggs as a clear upgrade over Ceedee Lamb