Acquiring Johnathon Taylor

I currently have tons of WRs. Dj Moore, Robert woods, hollywood brown, Deebo, Djax and courtland Sutton. My only rbs are Kenyan drake, CEH, and Antonio Gibson.

Which WR would be reasonable to trade away for Johnathon Taylor?

I think you would have to trade DJ More or Robert Woods for him, which might not be worth it. Debbo is still injured and Djax is highly injury prone. I would wait for after week one to see what Johnathon Taylor does and how good of a game Djax has against Washington. If Djax has a huge game you might be able to trade him for Johnathon Taylor.

That’s what I figured. Idk why I’m not as high on courtland Sutton and the broncos offense. He’s the main one I was looking to sell. But don’t think anyone will go for it.

you’re probably right, I have Taylor in my league and would not give him away for Sutton

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I also drafted Sutton. I think he will be fine. The rookies coming in didn’t get a normal training camp and any pre- season games. Sutton has already played with Drew Lock so he will probably stay the number one WR for Denver.

Taylor has a lot of completion in the backfield. It might take him some time to win the job.

Great to know! Thank you for saving me the trouble of a wasted trade proposal.