Acquiring Juju

I’m trying to get Juju in my league full PPR. If I shoot a trade like Aaron Jones and Landry or Chubb and Landry would that be fair?
My RB and WRs are Gurley, Mixon, Chubb, Michel, Jones, Cook, Murray. WRs: Landry, Boyd, Godwin, Allison, A. Cooper.

Other team is low on RBs with Gordon, Lewis, KJ, Barner, and Ekeler. His other WRs are MT, Sanders and Westbrook.


As a JuJu owner, I’d be hesitant with a trade like this. I think you have the RB depth to offer a better RB like Michel (hopefully he’s back soon). Jones just doesn’t have the value right now (but definitely the potential) and Landry has been to inconsistent to downgrade the WR like that.

Who would you package then?

I’d start with Michel and Godwin (probably wouldn’t do that, but if he’s desperate enough for a good RB it’s worth the shot). Once that get’s turned down, I guess I’d offer Jones and Landry, but don’t be surprised if you need to do Michel and Landry. JuJu is highly valued in the eyes of the owner.

We’ll see what happens…I would hate to get rid of Michel with how good he looked on the field. I need someone more consistent than Landry though.

Don’t worry, your other RBs will be wonderful for you. Gotta give big to get big though

Very true, but idk I feel with the Michel/Landry combo I can get a higher WR. Maybe not I dont know. What do you think? @MikeMeUpp @falcones404

Michel and landry def gets you a better WR.

I wouldn’t give Michel for JuJu 1 to 1.

Chubb + Landry is unlikely cause I doubt people want to double down on cleveland offense though.