Acquiring Julio Jones

Acquiring Julio Jones in a trade

Full Pt. PPR
Current Record 3-3

QB: Prescott, Wentz
RB: Martin, Woodhead, Murray, McKinnon, Buck Allen
WR: Green, DThomas, M. Bryant, J. Landry
TE: Ertz, ASJ

Planning on trading Landry and Mckinnon for Julio

Reasons for trading pieces and acquiring Julio:


  • Been burned by McKinnon last year. The hype of his high ‘Sparq’ score burned me last year missing the play-offs.
  • Landry has a court hearing next week. avoid the stress of a zeke like experience
  • Acquire Julio who is a Tier 1 receiver waiting for a break out game


  • McKinnon is the truth and may be the steal on waiver and be a key piece in winning the league. His experience from last year may have improved his game
  • Landry may continue to play and D. Parker will be hurt; therefore Landry will get ridiculous number of targets
  • Julio has a high floor and is the safest bet for the play off push.

Thanks guys,

I’d be surprised if the other team accepted that for Julio. Maybe if the RB was Martin but I’m not sure that would be enough. Good luck!

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I agree here, doubt that gets it done for Julio unless the guy/gal is dying to get off of him.

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