Acquiring Mixon

Looking at getting Mixon to round out my RB2 situation. Standard scoring league with only 2 RB slots; we have no flex and start 3 WRs.

QB: Stafford
RB: Gordon, Cook, Aaron Jones, McCoy, Penny
WRs: Green, Thielen, Jeffery, J Brown, Gordon, Godwin
TE: Reed, McDonald

The team in question has a rough WR slate right now and I’m debating sending some kind of McCoy/John Brown or a Cook/Godwin offer. Do you think either of these has a shot with a manager who isn’t quite the savviest and typically looks at mostly just the points?

The 1st one has very little shot. McCoy is pretty useless tbh. That bills team just sucks and he has hurt ribs and is at risk of being suspended at any given week. Most people want nothing to do with that. I personally dropped McCoy in my league after 2 weeks. Brown is great but nowhere near value of a workhorse 3 down RB like Mixon.

Cook/Godwin might have a better shot based on name value and COok actually being a good RB but it’s hard to move COok right now given the injury concerns. He’s on a snap count limit and not sure when that changes. As a cook owner, I’ve been starting other guys like Lindsay/Jones/Michel/Kerryon all above him.

Personally as a mixon owner, I would turn all of those down pretty quickly.

Why don’t you try and package like Jeffrey+ an RB? Trade Jeffrey off of one of his best starts as an Eagle.

Primary reason I don’t want to give up Jeffery is that we start 3 WRs. I’d love to be able to start Green, Thielen and Jeffery rest of season.

I’d be willing to give up Cook/Brown, but I don’t think this owner is smart enough to realize what they have in Mixon. They traded away Amari Cooper for Hogan a week ago. Obviously both have had rough starts, but I would have held Amari all day over Hogan.

Right now it’s a question of sacrificing my depth vs. acquiring a locked in RB2. Cook was supposed to be that guy, but his nagging injuries don’t give me a lot of faith that he’ll be seeing a heavier volume in the near future. This injury could also linger all season.

If the owner is an idiot, then go for whatever trade you want. I’m just telling you from a value perspective, you’re not close with your trade proposals. But if he traded away hogan for cooper, seems like someone who is opening themselves up be trade raped.

I also start 3 WRs in my leagues but i mean Brown is a more than fine WR3 play on a weekly basis. And as Gordon developes, you can swap him in too.

I was just commenting on value and from a value perspective, Jeffrey+ is much closer and I don’t really like Jeffrey much anyways so if I can trade him away for a stud RB, i’ll take it.

Totally agree with your value perspective and if I was the Mixon owner would react similarly. I should take a cue from the Ballers and stop with nonsense trade offers.

You wouldn’t consider Cook/Jeffery too much?

I mean that’s up to you. I just never send crap trade offers. I usually lead with someone close to my top offer and something where I ensure it actually benefits both parties. I leave room for movement but there isn’t a massive gap. I’ve found that is the most effective way to do deals and it keeps people coming back to me and more willing to engage in the future. I consistently lead my leagues in transactions every year and I think that is part of the reason why. I also like to msg/chat with the person rather than just send out blind offers. Success rate is very low. You get to explain reasoning and what not in a direct chat and get their perspectives on value. Maybe they value certain players higher / lower than you. That’s key information to have.

People that just go around sending low balls, i just completely ignore and dont bother trying to engage in trade talks with them going forward.

I think Cook + Jeffrey is a fair deal but I’m very low on Jeffrey and very high on mixon. Based on consensus, that may be high but to me that’s value and I would personally still take the Mixon side. You could probably ask for a depth piece back though.

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I agree with you on crap trade offers and I need to break that initial habit. Everyone in this league does it and it’s frustrating. I’ll admit I have a bit of homer bias on Jeffery. There is also some keeper value at play here. Jeffery was a 7th round pick due to his injury and is someone I think could be a decent value next season. I probably shouldn’t factor that into trades, but he’s one of the few players on my roster I consider as a solid keeper value. I’m certainly higher on him than you, but based on the way my Eagles have played he’s going to have to produce.

Cook + Jeffery does feel a bit high the way I value them. Cook + Brown would be preferred. If I go Cook + Jeffery I could ask for one of: Ekeler (I have Melvin Gordon) or perhaps Allison. Both of them have high point totals so far this year though so this owner probably will likely overvalue them.