Acquisition that made you sick

What was a recent acquisition that you or an owner from your league made that physically rendered you ill.

If someone told me at the beginning of this season that Ka’imi Fairbairn would be a better fantasy option than Le’ Veon Bell injury free I would’ve told you to put the crack pipe down for a second to do a little research.

yep I had traded mixon for bell after week 3 and I was upset but not too much since i had conner and didnt want a rbbc

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I traded Mike Evans for Jordan Howard after week 2…thought Howard was a buy low candidate. Guess I didn’t know how low he could really go.


I traded Tyreek the Freak for Ingram after week 5. I really needed a running back at the time and Hill, despite having a better floor this year, is still too boom/bust for me to afford on the regular. #bruh

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I think in my 8 team league, having to drop Kupp and Bell to pick up waiver players was the worst.

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That trade looks like it played out well

I was on the Tarik train thankfully? its been so hard to predict the RBBC.

As an owner of tyreek, I am always in the fear of the bust game. Not this week against the rams though.

Ugh thats tough. Im a Rams fan and a Kupp owner so I took the full double tap on that one.

On the opposite side, i really won in this series of trade throughout the year.

I gave: Peyton Barber & Jerrick McKinnon
I Got: LeSean Mccoy & Kerryon Johnson

This was before the season started and only days before McKinnon was injured.

A few weeks into the season, I made a 2nd trade, flipping Mccoy

I Gave: McCoy and Golladay
I got: Kareem Hunt

Basically Traded McKinnon Barber and Gollday for Kerryon and Hunt

Also gave Tate for Chubb in this league.


Looks like your trade skills are on point this year

They were all offered to me

Picked up and started Kearse the week he goosed.

Most of my trades and pickups have been good.

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Wow, I think since I am in first I have officially sealed the deal on receiving no trades unless I am absolutely getting screwed.

I was 2 minutes from making that mistake and just before kickoff I sat him. That will go down as one of the funniest moments of Andy missing the start of the week.

Week 3 I traded Hyde and Connor for Fuller.


Before week 1, some dude gave AB for Derrick Henry because he was “desperate for RB help with McKinnon going down”. The commish let this BS go through. I almost quit the league but decided to just man-up and see it through. Will not be playing with this commissioner again, though.


Oh god no. Please tell me that isn’t true. haha I’m truly sorry tough break. The fantasy gods are unforgiving.

It sadly is, I wasn’t torn up because I’ve never had a stronger RB group ever but boy do my WRs suck
I’ve got CMC, Zeke, Carson, Shady, Breida, and Aaron Jones. But no one in my league wants to make a trade.

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Im in the same boat man. I have great RB but horrible receivers to which no one will trade for.