Active Baller looking for a $ redraft league

Hi there,

My long time league transitioned to a Dynasty this year (I am the commish) but I still want to play in a redraft league. Looking for any sort of 10-12 team 0.5 to ppr league to join, preferably on Sleeper!

My sleeper name is @bagodonutz

League of Anonymous Individuals

$50 buy in.


1st place $450

2nd place $100

3rd place $50

Dues via leaguesafe.

12 teams .5 point PPR. NO KICKER league.

$100 FAAB waiver budget.

Scoring is ESPN default except for bonus 2 points for receiving/rushing over 200+ yards and bonus 2 points for passing 400+ yards.

3 divisions (4 teams per division).

6 team playoffs

1-3 seeding will be 1st place in each division.

4-6 seeding or “wild card” teams will be the 3 next HIGHEST scoring teams regardless of division wins (excluding division winners since they will be seeded 1-3). If scores are tied → will go to overall team records, then head to head record, and lastly division placement.

No consolation bracket.

1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1flex, 1def, 4bench, 2IR (covid eligible)

If your an active fantasy player, you should check out the unique format i run. Super fun. See what ya thinks

The Survivor Fantasy Championship 2021

Each week you choose your line up using the entire NFL as your roster. Each player (entrant) has the same roster to choose from, the entire NFL.

1 QB 2 RB 2 WR 1 TE 1 Flex (RB,WR, or TE) 1 Def 1 Kicker

The twist is that you can start each player only 1 time all year . That’s 18 different Qb’s, at least 36 different RB’s and WR’s. You get the idea. It’s all about picking the right match ups to get the most points from the guys you choose while going up against everyone else in the league. A Player is locked in once their game starts, until then you are able to change your line ups as much as you like, or may need to due to injury, covid, or other. Points are added cumulatively thru week 18 of the NFL season and the top players receive $$$

This will be the 6th year I have been running this tournament on myfantasyleague platform.

If you want more details message me and i will get you all the info.