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Active member looking to join keeper or dynasty $$ league #footclan leagues


preferably looking to join a new league but open to taking over an existing team


I second this. Also looking. Email is tucknub@gmail.com


I would also be interested in doing a dynasty league. Email is lyndonwtodd10@yahoo.com


I would be interested in joining


If we get enough people on this thread we could start one.


How many more people we need I could try and recruit people


Just depends on how many people y’all want. 10 man league or 12 man league?


Does not matter to me


@Tucknub @tone66 Would y’all be interested in starting a league with each other?


I’d be down. How much $?


I would be interested. We just have to find a fee and probably use League safe. I’ve ran a league for five years in my hometown that includes a trophy and live draft and everything, so if people are interested in me being commissioner, I don’t mind. The league that I run is ESPN, .5 PPR, 10 Man, 1 keeper League.


20 dollars? And I’m ok with you being commish. But anything but ESPN platform.


Would this be a dynasty league? With superflex? Or te premium?


I was thinking just a straight up dynasty league. Unless y’all wanted to do something else.


I personally would like superflex but that’s up to everyone


I’d be down to do a SF. I’d prefer it not be on ESPN though.


Ya I agree with that my vote would be MFL


Ive never done MFL but I’ve heard really great things about it. I’m down for that if everyone else is.


Not crazy about super flex but open for anything.


Alright that’s what 5 of us in?