Active Player Looking For League (Drafting Soon Please!)

Hey Footclan!

I’m a new Footclan member in search of a new league. The guys I usually play with have all lost interest in FFB this year, which honestly is fine because I’m in need of a league with some more dedicated players.

I’m thinking of a redraft and/or keeper league, with a pretty simple setup (10 or 12 team, 0.5PPR, no IDPs or TE premium). I’ve never done a keeper league but they sound fun. I’ve been checking the forums here but most of the leagues within my price range seem to fill up quickly. Also, I have the sleeper app :slight_smile:

I’m going into my sophomore year of college so money is very tight for me right now - took me a week of hesitation before I finally bought the Footclan subscription lol. I’d prefer a free league, but I’d be willing to participate in one up to a $25 buy-in. I would also prefer a league that will draft in the next week or so - I’ll be traveling back to school a week from tomorrow and after the travel days, things will be busy getting back into the swing of a schoolyear with COVID restrictions.

Thank you! Can’t wait to see what opportunities there are!