Active player seeking a loving league

Hello! I am looking for an active league on sleeper, 10-12 teams, not looking to do a dynasty.

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Hey, what’s up! We have a ten-team Standard League with a bunch of people from Germany. We are looking for people from all over the world to join us. However, our draft is in spetember because of all the injuries and changes that will happen during the preseason period. If you’d like to join, you are welcome!

I’m down. Im in the US prefer later drafts in September. What’s the buy in not looking to anything super high?

Sleeper: PurplePower22

@HasanTheBear hey would love to get in if you have free spots, based in UK! little hard to get people into fantasy here haha sleeper is Jsuttle7

Hey Lavine!

The Buy-In supposed to be 15€. But, I don’t know how comfortable it feels for people outside from Germany to transfer money to a person he/she doesn’t know. So, why don’t we just make it all about the competition?

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Still got some suttle. Cool! Another guy from the Netherlands is also in.(post deleted by author)

Great :slight_smile: just drop me a dm in sleeper!

@HasanTheBear I’m in too, just add me on sleeper.

I sent you a friend request. Then, i can sent you an invitation for the League (or ist there another way?)

@FireFlames my username on Sleeper
I’m interested, player from Mexico.
Hopefully you have an open spot .
Thank you

Hi I’m interested my sleeper username is Egabbay24

I have a league for you may be interested in…
10 team, no dynasty but it’s not on the sleeper app…