Active Players looking to join Dynasty League

Me and a few of my friends are looking into joining a startup dynasty football league with no buy-ins. We are all EXTREMELY active, and have wanted to do dynasty for a while, but nobody else in our normal league wanted to make one. We are all experienced fantasy players but have never played dynasty and are very interested in running teams. We are looking for three spots, with one of the teams being co-managed by two people. Please let me know on here if you are interested!

I would love to join an active league. My email is

Have you played dynasty and want to commish? I’ve never played dynasty before so I want to leave it to someone else

1st time for dynasty as well. I wouldn’t worry abt that though if you don’t find someone experienced. Set expectations that we are first timers and things may change because of that.

I’ve been trying to get myself and a mate into a league but they keep dying with not enough sign ups. We haven’t done dynasty but are very keen so if you get something going hit me up

I have 4 spots open in a league going into year 2 if anyone is interested in taking over teams.

I’m looking to be a commissioner of a 10 or 12 team full point QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, FLEX, FLEX, TE, DEF, no kicker.

How many bench spots would you guys be down for? I say 15+

I like the sleeper app or yahoo.

I’m very active and am very interested in being the commissioner of some dedicated footballers