Adam Humphries Or Mohammed Sanu?!

For my flex this week who do I go with?! Please help

depends what you need. Sanu is safe floor. will net 10-13 points with no TD

Humphries could be boom or could be bust

If you have Sanu I agree he has the best floor. I think the Falcons are going to have throw a lot against the Saints the made trades before the deadline to shore up their run defense which was already solid. The Falcons defense is weak to the running backs and the Saints have TWO amazing running backs. Falcons I bet will be behind and will need to throw and therefore I vote Sanu. I think I’m firing up all Falcons WRs.

I’m in a similar situation. I have DJax, J. Ross, M. Williams, and A. Callaway available to Flex. I played Kenny G of course, I have T. Lockett in, but B. Cooks is on BYE for me… I liked Humphries more with Fitzpatrick, and I liked him little if at all the healthier OJ Howard was! With Howard being on IR, Winston going back in, and Godwin & Djax appearing on injury reports at some point within the past two weeks I imagine that in practice Humphries has continued to see some solid first team reps. I also have Rivers and Mayfield and I’m truthfully considering playing Mayfield and Callaway as a stack.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!