Adam Thielan and Mark Ingram for Alvin Kamara?

Guy wants my Thielan and Ingram for his Kamara. My other WRs are OBJ, Josh Gordon, Baldwin, and Sutton and my other RBs are Zeke, Kerryon, and Collins. Do I take it.

I would take it.

I can see Thielen’s production slowing down (while Diggs’ production increase) late into the season, and you already have OBJ.

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yeah I agree. The only other thing I worry about is Ingram’s recent production. Do you think he’s seen more volume and fantasy points just because of how dominant the Saints have been over the past two weeks or do you think he’s actually earning more of a 50/50 split with Kamara even when games are closer than they have been?

I’m worried that I’m trading away Ingram during his “breakout” and that he’s gonna maintain this level kinda like he did last year

I still think you can’t go wrong with upgrading from Ingram to Kamara

I would you have the depth and could use a top RB with Zeke

I would pass. Thielen has been banged up and is coming off 2 down weeks where he’s still been an above average fantasy WR. The injuries aren’t serious, and when when healthy, he’s the most consistent WR in fantasy in the same tier as Hopkins/Brown/Thomas. He was my main buy low target in leagues with a deadline earlier this week.

I think there’s more value on the Theilan/Ingram side. Plus without Ingram, your RB2 is missing time with injury. Collins could be unstartable going forward.

I would keep thielan and Ingram, especially if you make it to championship week, they may sit kamara for the first round bye, the Vikings will be playing behind on a lot of there matchups coming up so I like the upside of Thielan