Adam thielen lev bell trade

I traded adam thelein, sammy watkins, and evan engram for leveon bell. Was this a good trade?

Fair if it works out for your roster. Bell scores as much as them lol

Incredible trade. Look at all the people chiming in :slight_smile:

Of course !

Thanks guys! I thought so too but then i started thinking maybe it was too good to be true and overthought it.

Yeah that’s fair, and I’d prefer to have Bell. Any trade that nets Bell is a good one lol. Only loss here is Thielen (tons of targets + injury prone Diggs) and Engram (who is obv solid) but Bell is a beast and is on a serious roll. Is it PPR?

Seems super positive to me!

Yea it’s ppr and I have Ezekiel elliot Alvin kamara starting and gronk as my te and brown kelvin Benjamin and Tate as my wrs

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