Adam's and Freeman for Barkley?

My Adams and D Freeman for Barkley.
10man .5ppr, 1QB, 2RB/WR/Flex, D,&K Dynasty
Would you do this?

If it helps, here are the DLF ranks for those players (as of 4/30)
Barkley - 1
Adams - 8
D Freeman - 47

Compared to April ADP (as collected by DLF):
Barkley - 1
Adams - 9
D Freeman - 57

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I am newer to dynasty. And I realize this looks like a slam dunk…
But WR are better than RBs in Dynasty right? I mean Jason is always pounding that drum on the pod. Plus I’m not crazy about the Giants.

I think Freeman is going to actually have a pretty great year. Depends on rest of your roster but if Freeman + Adams are both starters, they will outproduce barkley imo. But if you can afford losing the depth, then value wise the trade is fine.

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So my roster is
QB: Rodgers, luck, and Darnold
RB: Lindsay, cook, Freeman, Penny, Barber, ito, and Lewis
WR: OBJ, adams, dj Moore, a Miller, Kirk, Corey Davis :disappointed_relieved:
TE: Trey boo, and Hooper (have a deal in the works to get oj)

Don’t think it’s worth it for you tbh. You can’t really afford to trade the depth and like I said, I think Freeman will surprise people this year if he can stay healthy.

I agree with you. Plus I like Adams more than Barkley in Dynasty. I may be crazy but oh well. I appreciate you taking the time to share your opinion. It’s been quite helpful. Thank you… Also awesome avatar.

I do have Barkley as my 1.02 still so I him ranked ahead of Adams but not by much cause Adams is my 1.03. But you gotta take your own stand on it and if you prefer Adams over Barkley, definitely don’t do the trade. Nothings too crazy. When it’s all said and done, I don’t think its unreasonable to think that Adams could become the 1.01 this time next year if he has another great year with rodgers running out of the slot.

Agreed. Now I did have an interesting trade offer that is similar in another dynasty that’s a SF with 2RB, 3WR, 3Flex. I’m that league I have Barkley and they offered me adams and hunt for Barkley. Said he’s willing to throw in more too. Would you take that trade?

I think you can get more for Barkley. Personally, I don’t think Hunt will displace Chubb. Chubb is a more talented runner, has a full season with the offense and will have a 8 game lead on hunt who’s suspended. Find it hard to believe that Hunt will somehow displace Chubb or meaningfully eat into his role. Not to mention he’s one incident away from being kicked out of the league.

EDIT: My personal opinion is whenever someone is the overwhelming consensus 1.01, you should look for trade opportunities and charge the maximum cause their value will never be higher. Dynasty all about selling high and buying low.

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I appreciate your input. I’m working out a deal of Adam’s, Josh Allen and a 1st for Barkley right now.

That’s a deal that I would be more inclined to accept. Even though I don’t believe in Allen, he’s proved to be fantasy viable against good matchups and holds real value in SF leagues.

Yeah I’m not crazy at losing an RB, but I’d be happy with Allen as QB2 and WR core of Adams, diggs, and Cooper.