Adam's, breida, coleman for ab, mclaurin, carson?

2 wr 2 rb league ppr

My wr ab, lockett, golladay, mclaurin, anderson
Rb kamara, carson, freeman, Sanders, thompson, latavius murry

If ab is suspended I’m real weak at wr. While I do love carson this year I feel like I need someone like adams.

Hes offering Adam’s, coleman, breida
For ab, carson, mclaurin

IMHO, Adams and Breida/Coleman are an almost guaranteed Top 5 for WR and Top 12 for RB. Not sure why everyone is so down on SF backs.

AB is a possible Top 10 but I’d guess Top 20 if he plays a full season. Too many mouths and everything in NE. Carson should be Top 6 but he’s fragile so if you don’t have Penny you’re at risk.

I think the upside of both sides pre-McLaurin equals out but AB/Carson has much more risk.

So for me it comes down to what you think about McLaurin. While rookie WRs rarely breakout for real year 1 it’s not unprecedented and he should get like 20-40% target share this year. So he could be a WR2/3 with huge upside and help balance out AB risks.

I really love McLaurin and Carson but dislike AB’s situation enough that I could say yes to the trade to get the Adams+Breida/Coleman combo for stability with upside. But your current lineup has the potential for waaaaay more points overall everything goes right.

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That is literally why I’m considering yes is the ab situation. I love carson but I m pretty deep at rb so much that im considering this.

Thank you for your I’m depth response.@turdfwrgusons

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I’m not sure if it changes anything but I also have kittle and Waller

How many Flex?

1 flex 1 qb

Sounds like he wants the highest upside and is willing to take the risk to get it.

If you like the Breida/Coleman combo (I do) and your RB depth is good then you get a guaranteed stable WR stud with Adams.

With kittle/waller your team looks pretty stacked depending on your WR2/3.

Yes he needs rb depth. He has Adam’s, Keenan Allen, odell at wr. He went wr heavy