Adams for Allen?

Should I take Davante Adams for Keenan Allen?? He threw in Sammy Watkins and Boyd but I wouldn’t start them I’m pretty deep at WR. Should I take it?? Adams is probably the better receiver but Allen has blown him out of the water so far.

what do you mean by depth?

Some people think too much into this honestly. Take the trade. Forget the name. If it’s redraft, forget the name. Take all those players and resell them.

I have Hopkins Lockett McLaurin and Marquise brown as well as Allen

Adams value will get better IMO but Adams value won’t exceed Keenan Allen’s value. Take the trade for Allen for sure. I have Adams in two leagues and offered this same trade which have been denied unfortunately. The only risk to this trade is that Allen is more injury prone than Adams based on their history.