Adams for Cook Trade?

I am looking at making a deal possibly for my team, and this has been offered:
I trade D.Adams, Marvin Jones and OJ Howard
I receive: D.Cook and D.Jackson

Rest of Team:
Lamar Jackson

What do you think?

Yea idk about that one. Dalvin is looking like a complete hog rn

Seems fair. I’d do it. Cook is the player I like most in that deal. Adams second. DJax better than Jones, OJ to make it square.

That is what I am thinking, Cook is RB 2 right now and really the only thing MIN has right now. I am just concerned about injury with him. I have also not used Jones or OJ so far this year, and Jackson is great when he is not hurt.

Still a little uncertain giving up Adams…

Is Mattison available in your league, and do you have luxury to carry him? That would assuage your fears of a Cooks injury.

With the 3 for 2 trade it would allow me to pick him up which is a good point and would be the Plan B if an injury does happen. Very good point my friend