Adams for McCaffrey

I am in a 10 team full PPR league. I can keep Adams, michael Thomas, Josh Allen, Kittle. He is willing to trade McCaffrey for Adams… should I do the trade? Thank footclan

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So you can keep all four of those players? CMC for Adams is very tempting, especially since now of your other players to keep at RBs and the Aaron Rodgers situation adds some minor question marks to Adams.

Yes I can keep 4 players and as of now those are my four players I am keeping. My running backs are Gibson and sanders. But I don’t plan on keeping either of them because I feel the other guys would be better options. What do you think?

I feel like Gibson could be primed for a breakout season this year. I love Michael Thomas, but there are some concerns there with no Brees. So in my opinion it seems like your options are (plus Kittle and Allen of course): Thomas and CMC or Adams and Gibson. That’s tough. If this was two years ago, no doubt I would take the first option. But of course things can change quickly in fantasy football. How long do you have to make this decision? Are you able to wait a couple months to see how the Rodgers situation plays out?

Also, do you lose any draft picks for keeping these players? If so, that would play a part in the decision too.

I think the guy of Rogers leaves won’t want Adams if Rogers leaves, and the only picks I lose are the picks I traded during last season to get Thomas and Gibson. I traded my second and third round pick this year… it was stupid and I shouldn’t of done it but I can’t go back in time and take it back lol so this year I’ll have a first round pick and a fourth round pick. Which makes this decision even harder

How competitive are you this year? You think you have a chance at winning this year? If so, then I guess go with your preference of CMC or Adams (I’d probably lean towards CMC slightly, but you can’t go wrong either way). If you’re not as competitive this year, then maybe keep Gibson instead of Thomas so you have a younger RB for the future. Of course that’s just my thoughts though. Hope I was able to help!