Adams for my next 2yr 1st

Allright everyone! Just curious your thoughts on trading my 2021 and 2022 1st along with C. Samuel for D. Adams.

It is a 12team 0.5 PPR. Start 3 WR and 2 Flex.

Current Roster.
J. Jones
TY. Hilton
AJ Green
M. Hardman
B. Aiyuk
M. Pittamn
C. Claypool
C. Samuel

I feel like it is worth it, just hate giving up some many 1st rounders.

What is your thoughts?

How many teams? I assume you consider yourself a contender. What does the rest of your roster look like.

I would only make this deal if you are considering yourself 1st or 2nd in the league going into the season.

12 teamer.

I do consider myself a contender. I lost first round last year due to a stupid play by me, and would have won it all based on my scores the following weeks. But that is last year. Haha. It is an IDP, so I rely on them to produce valuable numbers as well.

My team is getting old. As you see in my WR core.

J. Allen
Big Ben (random FA pick up, cause of his injury)

J. Howard
Lat Murray
D. Freeman

TE. Other than Fant the rest are garbage.

I’m the first to push for a win-now strategy. But your description of the team implies that their must be a guaranteed ROI. Rookie picks are typically required to bring youth to an aging team.

Adams is about as solid as it gets. I would go into it knowing that you’ll never profit off Adams. Other then in wins.

I mean I like wins. Haha

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