Adams, Jones, and Ertz for a package featuring Carson or Kamara

I received an offer of A. Jones, Ertz, and E. Sanders for Kamara and M. Andrews. This was a counter for my offer of Juju and M. Andrews for Ertz and D. Adams.

I’d want Adams in any deal.

I am considering a counter of either:

D. Adams, A. Jones and Ertz for a package of
A - C. Carson, T. Boyd, and Andrews, or
B - Kamara, Westbrook

I like the upgrade to a Tier 1 WR, but am concerned about A. Jones’ injury history, the drop in RB production (I rate Carson much higher than A. Jones), and my lack of RB depth. I’d also like to avoid having two Packers in my lineup, and would likely try to flip A. Jones with WR depth for an upgrade.

And yes, my league plays defensive players. :dizzy_face:

In my opinion your not going to get those big 3 unless you offer more kamara and Westbrook isn’t going to get Adams, Ertz and Jones

Your going to have offer more to get Adams in the deal