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Adams & Mccoy FOR Hilton & Ingram?


12-man ppr league. I am 6-0.

I know mccoy and adams are still good players and I’m not afraid or tilting. Just curious about what the community thinks.


Qb1: Dak prescott
Rb1: Levbell
Rb2: Mccoy
Wr1: Michael Thomas
Wr2: Davante Adams
Te: Zach ertz
Flex: Doug martin

Bench: Palmer, Buck allen, Mixon, Mack, Breida, John brown, Mcfadden.


Why?? Hilton is unpredictable compared to Adams. McCoy will produce more points than Ingram especially when Kamara is gaining more snaps


Yeah, in terms of value, I certainly agree with you.

I just had two causes for concern:

  1. Aaron rodgers is out, will the greenbay receivers still get to eat.

  2. Not sure how important these stats are as I’m digging deeper here, but I thought this report was interesting. Saints are getting a top 10 push in o-line yards as compared to the bills at rank 25:



Hmmm, interesting! I will have to read up more on that.
On another note - what arr your thoughts on dropping Sammy Watkins? I have him on my bench and Jordan Matthews is available on the waiver… My current roster:


Honestly, I’d do it. When Luck comes back Hilton is a top 6-7 WR… and McCoy is awesome, but Ingram is the guy now. In Buffalo who do you think teams are going to lock on? McCoy… Ingram is on a team with a lot of weapons, and a better offense. I’d do that Trade. You’d be getting two players that can blow up. Adams production will go down without Rodgers… Pull the trigger!!