Adams or Julio PPR

I am thinking of trading my Julio for another team’s Dante Adams straight up. My other starting WRs are Hilton and Baldwin.

Thanks for your comments.

This is obviously for dynasty? If then yes, i’d do this trade unless you’re a super contender this year because I think JJ outperforms Adams by quite a bit this year.

LT move would be to take adams though.

I would prefer Jones for the next 3ish years

This is a dynasty league and I think JJ willing be an outstanding player for several years to come. However, Adams will have a healthy Rodgers this year and not splitting targets with Nelson. Packers do not have much of a run game and should be passing a lot.

Jones can pile up the yards but has trouble with red zone success. Adams should see a lot of red zone targets and think he has averaged about 10-11 TDs the last couple years.


Julio, especially in PPR.