Adams or Zeke as a 1st rd keeper?

I need to decide between Zeke or Davante Adams as my 1st rd keeper? This decision is stressing me out so any advice is greatly appreciated. It’s 12 team ppr league on ESPN with one keeper (1st rd pick). Thanks!
Update: Appreciate all the replies. I ended up keeping Zeke and reaching for Pollard in the 7th. I missed out on some solid WR3’s with the Pollard pick but hopefully Zeke signs soon. Thanks again!

I’d keep Zeke and be sure to pick up Pollard in the 7-8th round.

I don’t want the risk of Zeke, having to be on pins & needles about him AND getting Pollard. Adams is clear & locked #1 with lots of volume. So Adams for me.

I agree, Adams is the safe keeper

I would go Adams as well. He is already first round value. If Zeke misses time or comes back out of shape you will never forgive yourself.

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I used to say Adams. But the more film i watch on Pollard, the more comfortable I get with putting him in my starting linep with zeke out. I’d keep zeke and just reach a round or 2 early for Pollard and take him in the 8th/9th.

I guess I should preface my rationale to hang onto Zeke is that this is a keeper league. I suspect he will play this year and likely for years to come. I think overall in terms of the next 2-3 seasons he will maintain value.

Do you think you will compete this year or no? If not then keeping Zeke may be the best bet. However if you are I would still say keep Adams. Jerry Jones says he is prepared for Zeke to hold out for 6 weeks into the regular season. RB’s also have shorter careers on average than WR’s. Gurley is getting committee treatment already. Just an example of long term value turning quickly.

I wouldn’t overreact to the article tbh. Jerry can say what he wants but the 6 weeks is completely arbitrary. Also if you read that full article, don’t think it was Jerry that said 6 weeks. The writer just extrapolated himself. I still think there’s a decent chance zeke plays within a couple weeks.

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I assume everything coming out has been pretty much speculation so far. It was a kick in the beans when I first read that he’s expected to miss 6 weeks but I’m trying to stay optimistic.

Like I said, that’s the writer coming up with his own stuff. And honestly, doesn’t really matter. Jerry is just pitching a stance right now which is arbitrary for now.