Adams trade deal

I’m looking for some assurance

I was offered bell, hardmond, godwin for Adam’s, Jacob’s, mclaurin.

3 wr 1/2 ppr

My wr Julio, Adam’s, mclaurin, boys, anderson
Rbs Jacob’s, keryon, chris Thompson, cohen, brieda, coleman, drake

Bump I’m really curious what people think of this trade

I like bell over jacobs. Adams has the upside with rodgers and I also like mclaurin over hardman or Godwin. I’d try to take mclaurin and hardman out of the offer. Make the offer bell and Godwin for Adams and jacobs.

I don’t think he will budge. Another thing is I play him this week and bell is on a bye. Also breida is on a bye so I would need to shop waivers for a rb I can start or start Cohen/thompson which I dont want to do.

I like Thompson as a bye week filler. I see his value increasing with the matchups leaning towards Washington playing behind. I think everyone is jumping on keenum a lot for one bad game against the best defense in the league.

I’m still 50/50. I picked Rodgers up off waivers this week. Hes also offering to throw in ty Montgomery and mvs