Adams Trade Options

Trade offers I’m considering and have been offered:

  1. Trade Adams away for Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman
  2. Adams for Lindsay, Chark + benchwarmer
  3. Adams for Hyde, Allen Robinson


  • i’m in big trouble for this week with Amari Cooper on a bye, adams on the bench and no useful running backs (lost Kerryon)
  • someone is shopping a combination of Hyde, Robinson, Lindsay and Chark. Probably can get any two of them.
  • I like the Julio trade. Worried i have Matt Ryan and then I"ll have 3 members of the messy falcons.

Help !

Take the Julio trade!!! He and Adams are comparable when both healthy and Julio is healthy. Plus freeman is a startable RB. I have Adams and would kill for return like that

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Thanks. I think this is the best option. I am also considering a Lindsey, Hyde, Chark for Adams and Montgomery Trade if this doesn’t pan out. Thoughts?

what about lindsay, hyde, robinson for adams + montgomery ? I think this may be better than all of them.

I still lean Julio & Freeman. Lindsay shares his backfield, and I don’t trust Hyde ROS. Julio is best player listed here of all trade options so that is where I lean.

thanks. side note - look at freeman’s schedule though for the ROS:

that trade disappeared. he offered, cancelled and now I can’t reel him in. teasing additions from my end off the bench to get it back… pivot conversation:

hyde l+ lindsay + chark for montgomery + adams?

if montgomery sucks this week he will be officialy worth nothing and adams is a risk across the board. ? hyde probably over valued and montgomery is selling cheap if he has his breakout.